In website builder WebWave an element "Form" allows you to make a contact with users by asking them to answer to your questions, to fill some fields and to send answers to a certain e-mail. In this article you will learn how to build a website with a from.


Add a form to your website

Form settings


Form edition


Edit an e-mail sent from a form


Change a form style


Useful information





 Add a form to your website

In website builder WebWave you can add a form in the toolbar on the left side of the builder. All you have to do is to drag a form icon and drop it on the website.



A new form has two default fields. The first one is for e-mail, the second one is for leaving a message. A Button "Send" sents the message to an earlier specified e-mail.



 Form settings

After clicking on a form you will be able to edit its style in the Settings panel. 


 Submit button states

You can adjust submit a button style depending on its state:

  • Normal - button style before a user sends a form.
  • Hover - button style when a user hovers over it.
  • After sent - button style when a user sends a form.
  • On error - button style when a user sends a form, but an error occurs for example, when a user didn't fill one of the required fields.



You may set different spaces between form rows in pixels in the form settings.



One may also set a label alignment in respect to a field of the label.



 Form edition

In order to edit a form, click on it and select "Edit content" in the side edition panel.



 Add a form element

To add a form element, in a new window select "Add form element" and type a label name, tick the box if the field is required and choose its type.

You can add following elements:

  • Text field
  • Text area
  • Select (drop down)
  • Select (multiple)
  • Date
  • File


Then click "Add" button:


 Remove a form element

In order to remove a form element, unroll its details and select "remove a form element" or just drag and drop it out of the window.



 Change order of form elements

To change order of form's elements, click on the selected field and move it to the chosen place in your form.


 Edit a form's element

In order to edit a form element, unroll its details and set:

  • Label - field description.
  • Placeholder - dispayed text when a field is not filled out. Entering even one character removes a placeholder.
  • Required - whether a field should be compulsory.


Label and placeholder can be also edited by double clicking on them and entering text. 




 Edit an e-mail sent from a form

To edit a form, click on it and select in the Setting panel "Edit content".



 Set an e-mail title

The e-mail title  sent from a form can be set in "E-mail settings" on the right side of the Form edition window.



 Set recipients

Form recipients are the people who will get an e-mail when somebody fills out the form and sends it. You can set more than one recipient, entering each one in a new line on the right side of the Form edition window.



 Change a form style

 Change a label style

To set a label style, double click on it. From now on, every change made in the Settings panel and text editor will apply to every label.


 Change an inputs style

To set an inputs style, double click on any input field. From now on, all the changes made in the Settings panel and text editor will apply to every input field. 


 Change a submit button style

In order to set a submit button style, double click on it. In the Settings change its color, borders and more.


 Change the dispayed text  after sending a form

To enter the text which will be displayed after a user sends a form, in the Settings panel change the state of submit button from "Normal" to "After sent". Double click on the form and from now on, every changes you make in terms of text content or button style will only apply in "After sent" button state. You can change button state "On error" style exactly the same way.




Useful information

If your form has a field where users input their e-mail address, then when answering to a message sent from the form, the recipient will be automatically identified with the e-mail address indicated in the form by the user. 



 What is a placeholder?

A Placeholder is a text displayed in form input fields when a user hasn't filled them out yet. Typing even one character makes placeholder disappear, but deleting it makes it visible again.


15 January 2019


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