In website builder WebWave the element "slider" allows users to add slideshows to their websites. In this article you will learn how to build a website with Slider.


Add a slider to your website

Slider settings


Slider edition



 Add a slider to your website

A slider can be added in the toolbar on the left side of the builder. Select image icon, drag and drop "Slider" to your website. 




 Slider settings

After clicking on the slider you will see "Slider settings" in the side edition panel.



Animation makes one picture turn  into another:

  • Slide - the current photo will move to the side and will be replaced by a new one.
  • Fade- the current photo will fade away and a new one will take its place.
  • Crossfade - the current photo will smoothly turn into a new one.
  • Explosion – the current photo will be divided into many pieces, turn into a new one and go back as an entire photo again. 
  • Windmill – the current photo will be divided into four pieces which move in different directions and reveal a new photo. 
  • Door– the current photo will be divided into four pieces which move on sides and reveal a new photo.
  • Tils – the current photo will be divided into four pieces which fall and reveal a new photo.


 Crop style

Adjust how photo fits the gallery frame:

  • Fit - a whole photo fits the gallery frame. There might be left some empty spaces in the frame.
  • Crop - a photo fits the whole gallery frame. There are no empty spaces in the frame, but some parts of the picture might get cropped.
  • Stretch - a photo gets disproportionally stretched so it fits the whole frame. There are no empty spaces in the frame and no parts of the picture get cropped.



Duration shows how long  it takes in seconds for one photo to change to another.



Delay shows  time in seconds for how long a photo is displayed before it changes.



With this function one sets whether photos should change automatically or after a click. 


 Additional settings

There are some additional settings in the Slider settings section:

  • Title and description - should  title and description of a photo be displayed.
  • Thumbnails - should photos' thumbnails be displayed and where should they.
  • Arrows - should navigation arrows allowing the user to move around gallery be displayed.
  • Distance from the edge - sets arrows' distance from gallery edges.




 Slider edition

In order to edit the slider, click on it and select "Edit content".


 Add a photo to a slider

Select "Media library" at the top of a new window.



Choose photos and press "Add to slider".


 Remove a photo from a slider

In order to remove photos from the slider, in the edition window choose a photo which needs to be deleted and select "Remove from slider". 


usuniecie zdjęć ze slidera w kreatorze stron internetowych webwave cms


 Click action (link)

In order to change a link to your website to which users will be transferred after clicking on a photo on the slider, select slider and choose from the side edition panel "Click action". To set a link for another photo, just change an image by clicking on a navigation arrow on the slider. 


15 January 2019


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