What's the difference between Free and Premium Plan?

Free Plan

Having Free Subscription Plan will not allow you to  choose your website's internet adress at your wish. The address will be automatically generated and will contain six random characters and webwavecms.com domain.

Your internet address would look more or less this - 490g5.webwavecms.com


You can't position this kind of website because it is not indexed by Google.

If you want to change your internet adress, all you have to do is to subscribe to Premium Plan.

Premium Plan

Subscribing to Premium Plan allows you to choose your internet adress.

For example - myCompany.com


If you already have your internet adress bought from a third party provider, you can easily connect it to your website built in WebWave. Read a guide on how to do it.

Website built in WebWave with active Premium Plan can be positioned in Google. All the advantages of subscribing to Premium Plan you will find here

If you want to subscribe to Premium Plan, check out how to Get started with Premium Plan.

If you have any questions or want to find out more - write to us or call us. We will make everything clear and find a subscription that would suit you. 

In WebWave we also have a special subscription for web developers – read more.


What's included in the price and when will I pay for it?

For your website to be visible online you need to build and publish it on hosting under your domain name. 

Imagine taht  your website is like a house. Your house needs to have some space to be built at and the address. Hosting is your "building plot" and a domain is the "address" where you may find it.  

Premium Plan

In WebWave you pay a small amount of money for a set of services and listed features. Find out more here

For Premium Plan you can pay in cycles: 

  • every  month
  • one time per 12 months


 You can find the price list on a website Get started with Premium Plan.


Domain (website address)

For your domain you can pay in cycles:

  • per 1 year
  • per 2 years
  • per 5 years


Remember: for Premium Plan and domain you pay separately because payments are often collected in different billing cycles e.g. you can pay for Premium Plan every month, but for domain once a year.

The price list you can find on website Domain.



What's the best subscription for me?

Free Plan is a perfect option for people who want to easily and quickly build a website. 

With Free Plan you will build your website  at your own pace and you don't have to spend a nickel on creating a website in WebWave. You can use all the builder's features and make as many subpages as you want.

If you find WebWave as a handy tool and would want to publish your website under your internet address, then you can subscribe to Premium Plan.


What's the difference between WebWave Hosting and another hosting?

WebWave Hosting is free and one of a kind. It's different from any other hosting offered by other providers.

With WebWave Hosting you will publish your website with just one click. You don't have to know anything about FTP servers and coding. Website builder do handle the technical issues for you.


15 January 2019


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