In WebWave CMS - website builder with no coding - the built-in text editor is of type WYSIWYG and allows you to easily manage text on your website. In order to access it, click on any text element.


The two text edition panels will appear. One of them is a bit reduced and appears only when you don't need all the WYSIWYG features everywhere. 


Regular text edition panel:

Simplified text edition panel displayed when changing text's style.


How to use text editor features

1 - Formatting styles

2 - Font name

3 - Text size

4 - Line Height

5 - Text style

6 - Font styles

7 - Remove format

8 - Text alignment

9 - Lists

10 - Increase/Decrease Indent

11 - Links

12 - Multimedia

13 - Additions

 14 -  Text transformations

15 - File source

16 - Space between paragraphs



Formatting styles

Choose text's formatting style from a list. If you ever decide to change a text's color or size on the whole website, you can easily do it by changing the formatting style.

Read more about formatting styles.


 Font name

You can choose a font from the fonts' list. If none of them suits your project, you can easily add some more.

Read how to add more fonts to the fonts' list.

John has a dog.

 Text size

You can set font's height in pixels.

John has a dog.

John has a dog.

John has a dog.

 Line height

You can set spaces between lines in a text.

       John has a dog.

       John has a dog.

       John has a dog.

 Text style

Text color

You can choose a color for letters and characters.

John has a dog.


Background color

Set the letter's background color. It is not a background color of the whole element, but of the letters.

John has a dog.


Text shadow

Set a color, size and alignment of the text's shadow.

John has a dog.

 Font style 


Use this effect if you want some part of your text to be more visible on the website.

John has a dog.



Italic is another way to make your text more visible. It is often used for quotations. 

"John has a dog."



Distinguish some part of the text by underlining it.

John has a dog.



This effect is useful when you need to mark what you want to be changed in the text. It just crosses  the marked text with a horizontal line.

John has a dog cat .


 Remove format

This option allows you to remove previously added styles. The text will go back to default look.


 Text alignment

The well-known effect of Microsoft Office Word. It allows you to decide how the text will be aligned in the element. You can align text sections differently. Alignation works also for images and videos placed in a text element. 

  • Align left - align text to the left side of the element. 
  • Align center - align text to the center so  each line is positioned in the middle of the element.
  • Align right - align text to the right side of the element.
  • Justify - align text to the left, then when you add text, the effect will make sure if it is  aligned to the right as well. It might cause bigger spaces between words.


John has a dog.


John has a dog.


John has a dog.


 Lists and indents

Numbered list

Create a list on which elements will be numbered.

  1. one

  2. two

  3. three


Bulleted list

Whenever you don't feel like creating a numbered list, you can make a bulleted one. Each element will start from a big dot. 

Shopping list:

  • milk

  • beer

  • ham

  • beer

  • eggs

  • beer


Increase/Decrease Indent


If you need a sublist in your list, just increase indent.

  1. one

    1. one a

    2. one b

  2. two

  3. three



Add/Edit a regular link

Links are basic element of every webpage. Thanks to that option you can make every fragment of your text link. You can choose action for your link from:

  • None - selected text changes to link format, but it doesnt't redirect anywhere,
  • Webpage - redirection to a webpage on our website,
  • Go to newspage - you can select one of yours articles to redirect,
  • Go to object on page - you can go to selected position in selected webpage,
  • Website address - you can paste any webpage to that option,
  • Go to the anchor in the text - move you to the created anchor more info there.
  • More - options like Call phone number, Send e-mail, Open file from media library.


User after clicking will be redirected to website or it's part that is poited by you.
Text style will also change to that selected as Link hover on text styles.

Remove a regular link

Removes a link from the marked text. Formatting style goes back to the previous one.


 Internal links - anchor

Add an anchor to your website. This element is not visible for users. Set a reference which will transfer a user to a certain place in the text that you anchored . It can be very useful when creating a table of content, like exactly the one at the beginning of this article :)




Allows you to add an image from the Media library in the text.


Embed Youtube video

Allows you to insert a YouTube video into the text and adjust its style.

HTML5 video

Allows you to insert into the text a video from File Manager and adjust its style.

Media library

A button which opens media library. Read more here.




This feature allows you to insert a table into the text . After you click on the table button you will be able to set a number of rows and columns. If it turns out that you need more of them, you can easily edit already existing table by right-clicking on it and selecting adequate options. 


English French
I am Je suis
You are Tu es


Insert Horizontal Line

Allows you to insert into the text a horizontal line. 

Insert special character 

Allows you to insert a special character from the list.

Example ¼ or ® 


 Text transformations

Transform Text to Uppercase 

Transforms all the marked text to Uppercase.


Transform Text to Lowercase

Transforms all the marked text to Lowercase.


Capitalize Text 

Changes the first letter in each word in the marked text to Uppercase and the rest of it to Lowercase.


Transform Text Switcher 

Each click changes the marked text to one of the three previously described options:

the first click - Uppercase,

the second click - Lowercase,

the third click - Capitalize,

the forth click - Uppercase etc.


File source

Allows to see a file source where you can edit an HTML element. Helpful for more advanced users.


Spaces between paragraphs

Allows you to set the size of spaces between particular paragraphs in the text.


WYSIWYG - Text edition panel on your website

15 January 2019


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